# Manage site languages

  • After you add other languages, you can manage and decide which ones you wish to publish so they are visible to your site visitors. You can publish/unpublish languages from SITE -> Edit site -> Language settings tab in your DG1 admin panel.
  • When you unpublish a language, it is no longer visible on your website and the flag of that language is removed from the language selector in your site’s header. Additionally, if visitors follow links to the unpublished language, it will result in a 404 “Page not found” error.
  • If a language is published, but you disable a specific page in the Settings (Pages -> Edit page -> Settings), that page will no longer be visible in the front end. Once disabled, the link of that page will result in a 404 “Page not found” error.
  • Once you add more than one language to your site, you will need to manage all translations in all parts of your DG1 platform.
  • If you publish all the languages but still haven’t added the translations, your website will show your first (primary) language or the language that you were working in first. This applies only to the WEB CMS content editor (Pages).
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