# Attributes in marketing section

Communicating the right information to your contacts is crucial in today’s online business. What is worth the most when owning an online business? Client’s information. When selling products or services you should be able to know everything that connects your products to your clients and vice versa. Collecting the right information about your clients and adding them to your database, knowing what they like and desire is in today’s fast developing digital world crucial for online success.

In DG1 platform you can collect information in several different ways:

  • either by adding them manually to your contacts,
  • by importing them in .csv file,
  • through form,
  • directly through online shop purchases.

DG1 collects also other types of data using different technologies, so you will understand your contacts better. With all these options the first step you must take is to set up Attributes for your contacts in DG1 platform.

Quick test!

  • What is someone’s shoe size? It is an attribute.
  • What is someone’s interest? It is an attribute.
  • What’s Kate’s favourite dish in your restaurant? It is an attribute.

Collecting attributes and adding them to your DG1 contacts will make your marketing campaigns and targeting the right contacts with the right content retail heaven.

# On this page

# Add new attribute

All the general attributes are already created in your DG1 platform: First name, Last name, Gender, Date of birth, contact info, etc. are all added to Info card in your Contacts segment. So, you do not have to create those attributes. Attributes are simply added quality or feature regarded as a characteristic of someone or something.

  1. Go to Marketing section in your DG1 platform.

Marketing menu

  1. Click Attributes.

Attributes marketing menu

  1. Click Add new attribute group.

add new attribute group

  1. Enter the name of the attribute group and click Save Save button .

name attribute group marketing

  1. Then click Add new attribute Add new attribute .
  2. Name your new attribute and add a description of your liking.
  3. Select one among multiple different attribute types.
Type Description
Checkbox A box is a form into which a tick is entered as a response. Example: Likes to buy shoes. (Check the box for “yes”)
Date Field is accepting a date.
Multi-select You can select multiple predefined options. Example: Your sports - football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, tennis, cricket, swimming. (You can choose multiple options)
Number Field is accepting either integer or decimal numbers.
Select You can select singular predefined options. Example: Favorite color
Text Field is accepting plain text, without any formatting. Example: Favorite dish..
Textarea Field is accepting plain text without any formatting and is not limited.

setting type

  1. Choose Validation and Default value (in case of type Date, Number, Text, Textarea).
    • Validation: Used on Date, Number, Text and Textarea type of attributes.
Validation types Description
Date Field is accepting a date.
Datetime Field is accepting date and time.
Integer Field is accepting integer numbers.
Decimal A Field is accepting decimal numbers.
Text with spaces Field is accepting text and spaces.
Alpha-numeric Field is accepting either a letter or a number.
URL A Uniform Resource Locator is the address of a World Wide Web page. Usually called link.


  • Default value is the one that will appear in the text box or as a selection . User will be able to keep it or delete it
  1. Click Add option (in case of type: select, multi-select).

    • Add the Empty value label if you wish this text to appear instead of preselected option. (optional)
    • Add a Title and Key to your options. Example: red, blue, green.
    • Check the box to make one of the options default one (optional). The default option will override the empty value label so we suggest you do not use both.


  1. Click Save Save button .
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