# Facebook Pixel

Once you have set up your Pixel, copy your Pixel ID.

Facebook Pixel id

# Add Facebook Pixel integration to DG1 platform

  1. Log into your DG1 Admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Plugins. Create new integration by clicking Add Add button under Facebook Pixel.


  1. Paste your Pixel ID in the Tracking ID field.


  1. To save your new integration, click Submit Submit button green .

Your Facebook Pixel integration is now complete.

# Additional information for Facebook Pixel

  1. To learn more about events that are tracked and CSV files that are generated on DG1 platform, go to Plugins and click on Facebook Pixel.

Edit Facebook pixel

  1. Click Additional information to get a list of all events that are tracked and CSV files that are generated.

Facebook Pixel Additional information


CSV files are generated once per day (between 0-5am).

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