# Shipping

This section of the settings page allows you to make short work of managing your shipping details. Here you can define shipping costs based on conditions such as weight, quantity, order sum etc. as well as set up your shipping methods and select the countries and/or regions in which your products are available.


We recommend you first create a shipping method and then define the shipping method and then defining shipping costs for this method.

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# In this section

# Shipping methods

  1. Navigate to the Settings page in your DG1 admin panel and click Shipping methods.

shipping methods

The page with a list of all your shipping methods will appear.

Here you can Edit edit your shipping methods if you wish to change the information or rename them. Just be sure to click Submit Submit button green . for any changes to be applied. You can also Delete delete your shipping method.

  1. To add a new shipping method, click Add Add button .
    • Choose the type of your new shipping method from the drop-down menu in the pop-up window (example: Pickup on location, GLS...), or add a custom shipping method.


  1. Once you select the type, click Add Add button green .
  2. Enter the details for your new shipping method:
    • Shipping method name: Set the name of your new shipping method or leave it as it is, for instance DPD.
    • Shipping method description: Enter a description for the new shipping method (optional)
    • Default tracking URL: Set a default tracking URL for this shipping method. This URL will be then visible in each edited order in your back end. All you will have to do is add a tracking number to each order.


      Advanced users can include a placeholder ({trackingNumber}) which will be replaced with the tracking number of the order.

    • Available in: In this section you can limit the use of this shipping method to specific continents, countries or states. Use the small arrows tree collaps to collapse or expand the tree structure and select the check box point next to the name of each continent/country you wish to select (the green check mark will appear check).


      The system will only show you the countries which you have enabled in your Site settings. To enable shipping to other countries, go to Site -> Edit site ->Store settings -> Shipping

add settings

  1. Confirm your new shipping method with Submit Submit button green .

# Shipping costs

  1. To add costs to your shipping methods, navigate to Settings and click Shipping costs.

shipping cost

The list of all your shipping costs appears.
table list

  1. To add a new shipping cost click Add Add button .


  1. Enter details about the new shipping cost:
    • General settings
      • Title - the title is intended for your reference and will not be visible in the front end.


        Since you will be able to use the same shipping method for different types of conditions and costs, we suggest you use the Title for exact explanation. For example: DPD 0-100€ Europe.

      • Customer type: Choose “All customers” or limit the rule so that the shipping cost is available to either individual customers or companies only.
      • Select the Shipping method, for example: DHL.
      • To activate the shipping cost, the Status has to be set to Enabled.
    • Conditions
      In this tab you can set the conditions under which the shipping costs will be charged to your customers.
      • Calculate price based on: Choose the basis for applying the condition, which can either be Quantity, Order sum, Weight, Package capacity or Volume.
      • You must set an interval From and To. Example: You will choose the “Order sum” and set interval from 0 EUR to 100 EUR.
      • From/To: Depending on the selected method for calculating the price, select the interval within which the shipping cost condition will be applied.


      You can add multiple shipping cost conditions to one shipping method, of which only one has to be fulfilled for the shipping cost to be valid.

      Example: If you set the first condition where the price is calculated based on the “Order sum” with an interval from 0 EUR to 100 EUR and add a second condition where the price is calculated based on the “Quantity” from 0 to 20 pieces, this particular shipping cost will be charged to customers who either spend up to 100 euros or buy up to 20 items. conditions
    • Shipping Destinations Select the countries you will ship to and specify the shipping cost. Example: Germany - 3,95 EUR.
      If your shop is delivering to multiple countries, you can add more countries by clicking +Add new country at the bottom of the page.
      To remove a country from the list, click X Remove under the country you wish to remove. shipping costs
    • Additional (shipping) charges You can add additional shipping costs for special requirements such as refrigerated and fragile. If Charge per product is checked, then this cost will be added to each product. If left unchecked, the cost will be charged per cart. additional costs
  2. To save the new shipping cost, click Submit Submit button green .

# Examples:

You can create different shipping costs for the same type of shipping method. The system will choose the one with the highest shipping cost per shipping method.
Example: If shipping 1 to 50 pieces would cost 10 EUR, but you are also selling very heavy products, which means the cost per shipping will be higher, you can set the shipping cost weight as well. Simply set another condition whereby 20 to 200 kilograms costs 50 EUR. The system will automatically choose the shipping cost per weight.


Generally you should be able to avoid this type of situations, but knowing this can be useful in case you are selling a variety of products of different shapes, sizes and weights. You can prepare several additional shipping methods and add shipping costs accordingly, but be careful, as the more shipping costs you prepare the more thorough you have to be.

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