# Stock groups

The stock groups section presents the principle of a warehouse with multiple products or a company with several branch offices. If you have a shop in London and New York, you can specify stock for products for each branch shop.

To summarize: The goal is to group your stock within a specific location. You can only use one stock group for one site at a time, which means one site cannot use multiple groups, but you can apply the same stock group to different sites.

# On this page

# Add new stock group

  1. Navigate to SHOP -> Catalog -> Stock and click Stock groups in the upper right corner of the Stock page.

Stock groups

  1. Click Add Add button .

Add stock group

  1. Enter the name of your new stock group (for example Paris – center) and click Submit Submit button green to save it.

# Edit stock group

To edit your stock group, click Edit edit , change the name and confirm the change by clicking Submit Submit button green .

# View stock group

To view the details of the selected stock group, open the Stock groups page and find the stock group on your list or click View View button to open the page with information on the selected stock group only.

# Delete stock group

To delete a selected stock group, click Delete delete in the row of the selected stock group and confirm deletion with OK.

Delete stock group

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