# Edit the content of your site

Each section comes with included images and text. By editing the text and replacing the images, you can personalize the look and feel of your site in a very short time.

# Images

You can use the included images, but you cannot re-position, download or crop them.
To add images, click Select image Select image button and the File selector will pop up. Upload image or add it from your library of photos. Confirm selection with Select & close Select and close button .

Once the image is uploaded to the section you can crop it, move its position and select different image ratios such as 1:1 or 3:4 or 16:9. By clicking the cogwheel above the image you can also add SEO image description which will improve the image Google search results.


# Text

To edit text and style it to your preferences, use the text formatting tools above each text window.


# Hide text or buttons

To hide text or button labels, simply delete the text and they will be immediately removed from the section.

no button

# Add text or buttons

To add button labels, simply write the label and the button will appear in the preview. To link the button to another page, add the Button link.

Button Lable And Url Link

# Moving elements within sections

If your section is built with multiple image or text elements, you can reposition their order or layout by simply clicking the element in the section list and moving it upward or downward.


# Moving sections

To move sections and reposition them, click on the section element in the section list and move it upward or downward. The preview will change immediately.


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