# Discount

Discounts are a very useful tool in your DG1 online shop that helps you attract new customers and retain your regulars. To create a discount, navigate to SHOP -> PROMOTIONS in your DG1 Admin panel and select Discounts. Once you create a discount, it will stay in your discounts archive. Even if a discount is no longer active or disabled, you can still edit and activate it again.

Product discounts in left menu

# On this page

# Add a new discount

  1. To add a new discount, click Add Add discount button .

Add product discount

  1. Enter the following details in the Settings tab and define conditions under which the discount will work:
    • Select a Name for your discount offer.
    • The text you insert in Note (optional) can be used for tooltips in the front-end view of your shop to provide additional explanation of the discount.
    • Promo code is important in case you wish to link a specific discount to coupons in your marketing promotions or when you publicly share a code with your customers and potential buyers.


      When the promo code is not set, the discount will be available to all your customers.

    • Number of uses - You can limit the use of your promo code by specifying the number of times it can be used.
    • Number of uses per contact - You can limit the use of your promo code by specifying the number of times each contact can use it (per email address).
    • With the Minimum cart sum field you can limit discounts only to customers who spend a specific amount of money in your online shop. This amount can either be net or gross, depending on your site settings.
    • With the Minimum quantity in cart field you can limit a discount based on the number of targeted products customers must have in their cart to be eligible for discount.
    • Set the status to Enabled or Disabled to activate or deactivate the discount respectively.
    • Using the Valid from and Valid to fields you can set the period during which the discount will be active.
    • To make discounts visible in the products grid, check the Show in grid filters.
    • By checking Locked, discounts will be disabled until they are unlocked by Promotions. To share a discount with only specific audiences, lock it, go to promotion tools, create a new or Edit an existing promotion and set the users or user groups in the Target users tab. Then open the Set promotions tab to unlock the discount. The discount will apply only to targeted users within that promotion. Leave unchecked if you wish for all users to see this discount.

Product discount settings tab

  1. In the Discount, Free items and Shipping tabs you can choose between three types of discounts:
    • Regular discounts are specified by percentages or by value in your currency and can be applied to products or carts. If they are applied to products, you must also set the products in the Targets tab. If they apply to Carts, targets are optional. Product discount tab
    • Free items discounts are specified by the number of products that a customer must buy to activate this discount. Product discount free items tab
    • With Shipping discounts you can choose between Free shipping or set a Shipping discount defined by percentages.


    If you add free shipping to only specific products in your shop, the discount will apply to the whole cart even if it contains products without the free shipping discount.

Product discount shipping tab

  1. After you select the type of discount, you should set the Targets:
    • You can apply a discount to all products by checking the Apply to ALL products box.
    • To set a discount to specific products or brands, click the respective button, check off the products/brands in the pop-up window and confirm selection with OK.
    • To set a discount on specific categories, check the boxes in the tree structure next to desired category or subcategory.

Product discount targets tab

  1. To save your new discount, click Submit Submit button green .

# Edit discounts

Click Edit edit and change information, set new dates or redefine conditions, under which the discount will work and remember to reactivate a discount by changing the Status from Disabled to Enabled. Once you’ve entered all the needed changes, confirm them with Submit Submit button green .

Edit discount

# Delete discounts

To delete a discount, click Delete delete and confirm deletion with OK.

Delete discount

# Importing discounts

DG1 platform allows you to import multiple discounts into the system. The most important information used for importing discounts into DG1 platform are the following:

  • Name
  • Status
  • Valid from
  • Valid to

You can find an example of a discount import .csv spreadsheet with all the headers here (opens new window).

Below is an overview with descriptions and instructions for each header (column), which you can select in your imported file, and how/what to write in the .csv spreadsheet.

Name One of the most important information that is required in each import. Names can contain letters, numbers, text symbols and spaces.
Note Used as tooltips in the front-end view to describe the discount. A description can contain letters, numbers, text symbols and spaces
Promo code Use only alpha-numerical characters and/or dash. Min. length: 3 characters.
Number of uses The number of times a promo code can be used (example: 20).
Number of uses per contact The number of times this promo code can be used by a registered user (example: 5).
Minimum cart sum< Total value of all products in the cart. Enter the value without currency symbols (example: 50).
Minimum quantity in cart Minimum quantity of targeted items in cart (example: 250).
Status For a discount promotion to be functional, it must be Enabled. To activate a discount, set the status to Enabled. To deactivate a discount, set it to Disabled.
Valid from Enter the discount start date in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
Valid to Enter the discount end date in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
Show in grid filters 1 - checked (YES), 0 - unchecked (NO)
Locked 1 - checked (YES), 0 - unchecked (NO)
Discount percent Enter percentage discounts without percent symbols (example: 50).
Discount amount Enter discount amounts without currency symbols (example: 50).
Cart discount percent Enter percentage discounts without percent symbols (example: 50).
Cart discount amount Enter percentage discounts without currency symbols (example: 50).
Number of payable items Set the required quantity at which free items are available.
Number of free items Set the number of free items, which the customer will receive.
Free shipping 1 - checked (YES), 0 - unchecked (NO)
Shipping discount Enter discount amounts without percent symbols (example: 50).
Apply to all products 1 1 - checked (YES), 0 - unchecked (NO)
Products Find respective product IDs in Catalog -> Products-> ID. To target multiple products, separate product IDs with the “|” separator (example: 101|102|103|104).
Brands Find respective brand IDs in Catalog -> Brands -> ID. To target multiple brands, separate brand IDs with the “|” separator (example: 1|2|5).
Specific categories Find respective category IDs in Catalog -> Categories -> ID. To target multiple categories, separate category IDs with the “|” separator (example: 425|426|427|408).
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